Bad food is the cause of shoulder injury when pulling up


Some muscles go numb due to indigestion, such as stale food. Problems in the stomach sometimes give pain throughout the body, and even the muscles hurt. Some muscles go numb and shut down due to pain.

Muscles ache and become numb not only from poor digestion. Some diseases cause similar effects. For example, muscles ache and sometimes shut down due to viruses, heart or breathing problems. It turns out that diseases of body organs not related to muscles indirectly affect the muscles too, worsen their work. You lose control during exercise and get injured, for example because you ate something wrong.

This is especially important when pulling up. Because in the lower position it is necessary to rotate the shoulders in time, rotate the shoulder joint. And during the turn, part of the effort should be taken over by the muscles in the lower back – the back should insure the arms and shoulders. If the shoulders are not rotated in the lower position of the body, then the ligaments of the shoulder muscles and arms will be clamped in the joint. And if there is a jerk, then the ligaments clamped in the joint can even tear.

For example, if you make a jerk down when pulling up, then at the very bottom there will be a blow with the whole weight of the body on the arms and shoulders. If in the lower position you do not have time to turn your shoulders, then the blow will be on the ligaments with all the weight, and at best, inflammation will begin (and maybe an anguish). Such a design of the shoulder that you need to have time to turn it so as not to pinch the ligaments in the joint.

The sequence of events that lead to injury begins with a bad meal. At the start, bad food, and at the finish – a shoulder injury while pulling up. Or knee injuries while running. These are just two examples of how internal organs affect muscle failure. It is advisable to check before the exercise whether any muscles are numb. You can do a warm-up, and then check the numb muscles again. If the warm-up did not help, then you can change the trajectory of the exercise. The main thing is to at least learn about the problem, check yourself so that muscle failure is not unexpected.

So let’s go through the chain of causes again. Bad food – there is pain in some internal organs. From pain inside the body – there is pain in the muscles of the back. The muscles in the lower back go numb and shut down. You don’t notice it because you don’t use some muscles all the time. Then you pull yourself up, and at the moment of turning the shoulder you want to transfer the effort to the back muscles, but they are numb and do not work. For you, this is a surprise and you do not have time to turn your shoulder joint. Everything happens quickly. The clamp in the joint injures the ligaments, amplifying this effect with a jerk of the entire body weight.