Addicted to winning – injury and loss of interest


If the goal is health, then victory is not very important. And if the goal is victory, then health is less important. When you are too dependent on winning, you lose a trivial result. The absence of victory seems like a defeat, and the absence of losers seems like a lack of result. The desire for any effort disappears.

The need to win is a good motivator, competition is the easiest incentive. You quickly get used to it, but over time this habit may remain the only one. And that makes it hard to take care of your health.

If the main goal is to win, then the likelihood of injury increases because the ability to tell yourself “stop” is weakened. This can be very subtle. You can even know about it, but still not notice it in yourself. The original goal has a very big impact.

When the obsession with competition leads to injury, then injury leads to rejection, to loss of interest. It begins to seem that there are some problems, or that there is not enough time. This is almost true – you really don’t want to waste time on injuries.

If you can no longer achieve a result, because a habit of always competing has developed, then one of the options for getting out of this situation is to first try to defeat yourself. But after that, in any case, it will be necessary to learn to do something without victories at all, without competing, and even without comparing anything, but simply because it is good for health. Even if sometimes the result of efforts is already worse than it was before.