Food processing is similar to external digestion


There are scientists who believe that human cooking is somewhat similar to external digestion by some insects and animals. It is also called extraintestinal digestion. Mixed and processed food (boiled in a pot, fried, etc.) is similar to how animals share with their young by regurgitating food that they have already processed a little in their own stomachs.

There is also the idea that food affects the perception of the world, sensation, intuition. If we all agree with this, then the conclusion suggests itself that mixed and processed food can make you feel like a child. That someone cares about you. This means there is no need to work hard.

This can interfere with gaining tone and strength. If there is a subconscious feeling that you are a child, then this reduces the desire to be strong and can affect at least the desire to become stronger, the desire to exercise. The feeling that someone cares more than necessary for you is relaxing.

Of course, you can not tell everyone about this for sure, since this is only an assumption. And even if this is at least somewhat true, then, most likely, the impact on consciousness and desire will be only partial and can be overcome. But it can be an additional argument for eating more whole foods, with minimal processing and without mixing too many ingredients. It is not necessary to always do this, but it may make sense to do this whenever possible and more often, during times of great physical exertion. Vegetables, fruits, etc.