The desire to do something “at the same time”


It happens that you put off the main thing because there is nothing to do “at the same time”. For example, you postpone training for this reason. Another option is to do unnecessary additional exercises “at the same time” during training, overloading yourself, creating a danger to health.

This may be due to the fact that you have a low tone or a hidden disease. Then any business that requires power costs forces you to tune in, warm yourself up, prepare yourself specially, collect energy. Therefore, there is a desire that such training does not pass just like that, but is used “at the same time” for something else useful. That’s why you’re looking for other things to do. To have something to tune in to. To be an extra incentive.

The same reason works in the training itself, when you do obviously unnecessary exercises. So that “at the same time”, so that the mood does not pass in vain. You doubt that you can set yourself up well enough next time. This usually happens at the beginning of classes.

If it is a disease, it must be found and cured. If this is fatigue, change the mode of life. If you are not in shape – do not rush and gradually the tone will become normal, and then less strength will be needed to tune in, and this “at the same time” will go away.