What is special about my experience


For those who are already in good shape, remembering their initial torments is usually difficult, and much is simply forgotten. But when you’re a beginner, the starting questions are the most important.

I, like many others, faced a complete loss of form. And I got the experience of her return – the most problematic. I writing down some details when not forgotten.

Because when you start, the danger of hurting yourself or doing something wrong is much higher than when you are already in shape. These notes are about the hardest part – the form set.

I did not write down what others have already said well. Only what was important and useful specifically for me. But all people are different and it may not work for others. Although, I hope it will still be interesting.

I took these notes at different times, sometimes right during training, just a couple of lines – the main thing. Sometimes I wrote down something after talking with people who go in for sports, and not just physical education. What is presented here is selected and modified to a readable form. 

Sometimes there will be something the same, but in different words, at different times, in different moods. It seemed to me that this could also be useful.