When is illness the norm and health a deviation?


Not always before, taking care of your body and health was the norm. There were times when it was perceived somewhere as something blasphemous, as an encroachment – it was believed that only the soul should be taken care of. And body weakness and self-torture were even encouraged.

There were rituals of violent self-injury – both in women and in men. They damaged their bodies both directly and through the use of junk food and drinks. Self-torture, suffering had to be visible in order to demonstrate involvement in the idea of ​​contempt for the body.

And then the absence of disease, good health could even be perceived as a fault, a violation of accepted procedures. Or even as a danger (probably because health is in some way a weapon, which means a potential threat).

At the same time, everyone around could suffer from violations of accepted norms, due to collective responsibility. This means that there should have been mutual self-restraint of each other.

All these ancient manifestations can periodically emerge in modern society. In various forms – from an inexplicable dislike for those who care about themselves “too”, or a strange shame in front of taking care of their health, and to the desire of a healthy person to inflict even some kind of harm on himself in order not to stand out – to be “like everyone else”, “normal”, a little sick “as it should be”.

By the way, one of the forms of manifestation of self-torture can be workaholism, excessive passion for work – to self-destruction. Or hard physical work with your hands in which there is no special need – just as a tribute to tradition. Even physical education can be turned into self-torture – harm under the guise of benefit.

Asking myself the question – why am I in bad shape, unhealthy, what is the reason for my weakness, what prevents me, why it is difficult for me to accept a healthy lifestyle, this factor must also be taken into account as a probable, significant, but most likely hidden factor. Moreover, you can limit yourself, or someone else can also put pressure on you, who himself is under the influence of these prejudices.